About us

MARECO Polska is a full service market research agency established in 1993.

Our company offers all types of market research: quantitative research, qualitative research, desk research, mystery shopping, ethnographic research, experimental tests.

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality standards and provide data and results which can provide a reliable basis for business and social decisions. We operate both for public and private clients.

We carry out all research in accordance with the recommendations of the ESOMAR Code. We are awarded the PKJPA certificate (Program for the Control of Interviewers’ Work Quality) carried out by the Polish market research industry association OFBOR (Polish Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Research Firms), of which we are a member.

MARECO Polska is a member of  the Gallup International Association –  GIA (the oldest, founded in 1947 by George Gallup, global polling organization) and the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research – WIN MR (A global network conducting market research and opinion polls around the world, gathering the largest independent market research and polling companies in their respective countries). As a result of those affiliations we have partners in over seventy countries around the world, which allows us to implement large international projects, as well as share knowledge and experience. Our partners cover 96% of the global markets. Each country in GIA and WIN is represented by one research institute.

Membership in GIA and WIN allows us to offer you the highest standard of services, thanks to:

  • regular exchange of experience between member companies – constant improvement of tools and research methods;
  • joint development and offering of new products;
  • compliance with generally recognized international standards relating to the conducted research activity;
  • Ability to implement international research while maintaining the highest quality and comparability of standards in all countries.