International policies of the United States and Russia are destabilizing the World


About equal numbers – respectively 56% and 52% – of the surveyed 52,494 global citizens hold negative opinions of the role of the two military superpowers, with only one in four believing their foreign policies have a stabilizing impact on world’s affairs.

Internally about two thirds of Russians are convinced that the international policies of their country are having a stabilizing effect. The same figure is significantly lower among US citizens, reflecting the deep internal divisions within American society..



Optimism for the New 2019 year continues to prevail in the World, although pessimism is increasing


Prospects for a better 2019 year are increasing for a majority of those surveyed in Africa (typically quite an optimistic region despite living conditions), in India, in non-EU Europe, in the USA and in Latin America.  Conversely, we also see more pessimism about the year ahead in the Middle East, in Russia, and to an extent in Western Europe.

Over all optimism for the new Year traditionally prevails in the majority of the countries around the world with the exception this year of Turkey, Serbia, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Bosnia (BiH), Bulgaria, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan and Republic of Korea.


The World Loses Confidence in Global Leaders


It is often said that during times of uncertainty we need our leaders to ‘step up’ – history looks back fondly on Winston Churchill, on Nelson Mandela, on Mahatma Gandhi and many others.  Yet while we witness global business leadership (Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Bill and Melinda Gates etc.), the latest survey from Gallup International, the world’s longest running global polling agency, reveals that negative attitudes towards our main political leaders across the world are growing.